•  We are covered by a $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance
  •  An adult is required to supervise the castle at all times.
  •      We have a rental agreement form that must be read and signed by the supervisor

                     Set Up and Access

  •  We always aim to setup well before your guests arrive
  •  Jumping Castles require a flat surface; a sloping area might be dangerous.
  •  The access area to trolley a castle through must be least 90cm in width and must be clear
  •  Please keep the driveway clear of cars for unloading of castle and equipment
  •  Assistance might be required if there are steps, slopes or tight areas to get passed
  •  Please measure to ensure the castle will fit, otherwise a fee will be charged.
  •  We require access to a normal power point to be within 25m of the castle area

                     Other Questions

  •  Pick up after 7.00pm might incur a fee or become an overnight hire rate
  •  Shoes and jewelry must be removed before entering the jumping castle.
  •  No food, drinks, streamers poppers or sand allowed in the jumping castles.
  •  Jumping Castles have a maximum weight allowance & person limit for safety
  •  Damage to the jumping castle caused by negligence is chargeable.
  •  Customer cancellations are required well in advance of the hire date.
  •  Unsuitable weather conditions are very dangerous and we will cancel the hire

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